Zeal Z3

Zeal Z3 GPS goggles are some of the most advanced (and expensive) ski and snowboard goggles on the market. These high tech goggles feature a built in GPS tracking system that records all your runs. There's also an insanely awesome in goggle display that shows temperature, an accelerometer and a barometer. The goggles also track speed, altitude, distance traveled, time and jump stats. You can then plug the system into your PC and plot your runs on Google Earth. Another high tech features is the Photochromic polarized lenses that change lighter or darker depending on snow conditions, eliminating the need to swap out lenses. Check out the video below to see these goggles in action.

Reviewers love these goggles. One reviewer said he feels like James Bond with these on. Another reviewer said this is his favorite gadget since his iPhone. The photochromic lenses received high praise from all our reviewers. One reviewer said he felt the goggles set too far away from his face and cut down on visibility, but several other reviewers said these weren't any further from their face than their previous goggles, so it all comes down to personal preference.

Zeal Z3 Specs

Frame Material: Polyurethane
Helmet Compatible: Yes
Eyeglass Compatible: No
Polarized Lens: Yes
Ventilation: Air Intake System
Face Size: Medium to Large

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    Product NameMerchant NameRetail PriceSale Price
    Zeal Optics Z3 GPS GogglesSkis.com$499.00$249.96
    Zeal Optics Z3 GPS GogglesSummitOnline.com$499.00$249.96
    Z3 GPS Live GogglesCampSaver.com$598.95$598.95

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