Von Zipper Feenom

The Von Zipper Feenom is a high end goggle in Von Zipper's line. It is sized for medium to large size faces and features contoured triple density face foam. The spherical lens provides excellent peripheral vision (some of the best we have seen). Vents help to keep the circulation moving and to prevent fogging. The goggles also feature a helmet hinge. The Von Zipper Feenom goggles come in a wide variety of colors and with a multitude of lens choices for every riding condition.

Riders say they never have a problem with the Feenom's fogging up. The peripheral vision of these goggles is also praised, as is their comfort level. One rider, who claims to have a smaller face, says they still fit him well and are extra comfortable. Another rider says he buys a new pair of goggles every year in search of the perfect pair and that the Von Zipper Feenom's are his perfect pair. One person did claim that these goggles pinched their nose, although they said they have a large head. One person also claimed their strap broke the first day out, but we imagine he may have been a little rough with his pair.

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