Von Zipper Dojo

Von Zipper Dojo goggles are an incredible snow goggle with several amazing features. The Von Zipper Dojo goggles allow an incredible optical clarity while providing maximum comfort whether you’re scoping out or shredding the slopes. These goggles fit a medium to large face size, so they’re more preferable for men. The Von Zipper Dojo goggles have a thermo-polyurethane frame that allows these goggles to maintain flexibility, even in extreme temperatures. The goggles are also helmet compatible and have a triple density face foam for maximum comfort. Comfort is key in extreme climates. The lens of the Von Zipper Dojo goggles have a dual layer, anti-fog coating on the spherical lens for clear vision. In addition, the lenses have a wide peripheral vision, wick all moisture, and provide 100% UV protection. The ventilation of the Von Zipper Dojo goggles are integrated forwards so the lens are capable of venting to provide maximum air circulation. The straps of the Dojo goggles are also lined with fleece and dual adjustable.

Our reviewers of the Von Zipper Dojo goggles mentioned several aspects of these goggles that they liked the best. The reviewers were impressed with the wide view, air flow, and flexibility the Von Zipper Dojo goggles provided. Many owners of these goggles also stated that they were very compatible with many different styles and shapes of helmets. The biggest consensus from reviewers of the Von Zipper Dojo goggles was that there was extremely minimal fogging and the optic quality of the goggles were excellent. Overall, those who had owned or tested and reviewed the Von Zipper Dojo goggles were amped about the quality. There was not a single review stating they were disappointed with these goggles!

Von Zipper Dojo Specs

Frame Size: Medium to Large
Helmet Compatible: Yes
Lens Type: Spheric

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    Product NameMerchant NameRetail PriceSale Price
    Von Zipper Beefy Snow Goggles S.I.N Olive Persimmon ChromeREI.com$50.93$50.93
    Von Zipper Men's Cleaver Snow Goggles Black Satin Fire ChromeREI.com$56.93$56.93
    Von Zipper Snark Sunglassesevo$85.00$75.00
    Von Zipper Skylab Snow Goggles - Quasar Chrome Stance Double Windsor Quasar ChromeREI.com$77.93$77.93
    Von Zipper Feenom N.L.S. Snow Goggles - Quasar Chrome Stance Double Windsor Quasar ChromeREI.com$83.93$83.93
    Von Zipper Men's Feenom N.L.S. Goggles S.I.N Charocal Persimmon ChromeREI.com$89.93$89.93
    Von Zipper Elmore Sunglassesevo$140.00$95.00
    Von Zipper Fulton Sunglassesevo$140.00$95.00
    Von Zipper Wingding Sunglasses - Women'sevo$115.00$100.00
    Von Zipper Suplex Sunglassesevo$160.00$110.00

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