Velvet Flurry

The Velvet Flurry is a women's goggle that is anatomically designed for the shape of a woman's face. The goggle is constructed with a hypoallergenic foam to prevent break outs. A layer of CoolMax foam against the face wicks away sweat and keeps you dry. V-Aspheric dual layer lenses with a Di-Electric coating stay fog free and provide excellent optics. Velvet Flurry's also come in several color combinations: Gloss Red/Yellow, Matte Blue/Bronze, Matte Red/Rose, Red Hot/Persimmon and Red Hot/Pink (pictured).

Female skiiers and snowboarders love the Velvet Flurry. Many riders reported that their old Oakley or Anon goggles were either much too large for their face or that the kids goggles they bought were slightly too narrow. These are a perfect balance in between the two sizes and most riders reported an excellent fit. These goggles also look great and feature several color combinations to match all your outfits (j/k ladies).

    Compare Prices on the Velvet Flurry

    Product NameMerchant NameRetail PriceSale Price
    Outdoor Research Flurry Gloves$38.00$26.95
    Flurry Short - Women'$44.95$26.97
    Outdoor Research Men's Flurry GlovesMoosejaw$39.00$39.00
    Sorel Flurry TP Girls$60.00$48.92
    Sorel Youth Flurry TP Boot -$60.00$51.00
    Sorel Youth Flurry TP Boot -$60.00$51.00
    Girls' Flurry Flash$79.95$63.96
    Cordillera Women's Snow Flurry Down$74.73$74.73
    White Sierra Flurry Long Down Jacket MagentaThe House$150.00$84.95
    Rossignol Flurry Womens Insulated Ski$250.00$130.00

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