Smith Phenom

Smith Phenom goggles were designed for medium sized faces. The Phenom's feature a spherical Carbonic-X lens that is both crystal clear and scratch resistant. The goggles also feature an adjustable ventilation system for when you work up a sweat. DriWix face foam is both hypoallergenic and wicks the sweat away from your face. The foam also creates a solid seal to keep wind and snow out.

Riders generally give a thumbs up to the Smith Phenom even though their look is a bit dated. Smith has added a "Crystallized series" of the Phenom which features some bling on the strap (pictured). Thankfully for the guys, this series is optional. The anti-fog on these goggles is supposed to be very impressive, which is hard to find. They are also reported as being very comfortable. Comfort plus no fog is about all you can ask for from a pair of goggles, the bling is just bonus!

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    Product NameMerchant NameRetail PriceSale Price
    Smith Phenom$79.95$39.98
    Smith Phenom / Phase Replacement Goggle$54.95$43.96
    Smith Phenom Snow Goggle (Fall 2012)$109.99$54.99
    Smith Phenom Snow$110.00$76.83
    SMITH PHENOMPeter Glenn Ski & Sports$110.00$79.99
    Smith Phenom Goggles$110.00$84.93
    Smith Phenom Goggles$110.00$84.93
    Smith Phenom Goggles Black/Blackout$110.00$87.95
    Smith Phenom Goggles Black/Blackout LensThe House$110.00$87.95
    Smith Phenom Turbo Fan Gogglesevo$190.00$132.90

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