Scott Heli OTG

Scott Heli OTG goggles are meant to be worn over your glasses (OTG = over the glasses). The goggles are available with or without a AAA battery powered fan that reduces fog on both the goggles and your glasses. Other features include an anti-fog treatment on the lens of the goggles, a Scott TruView double lens which blocks 100% of UV rays and an ACS (air control system) which features intake and exhaust vents on the goggles to further reduce fogging. The Scott Heli OTG are helmet compatible and feature soft hypoallergenic foam. The goggles are available in Black, White and Tattoo (pictured).

Skiers and snowboarder with glasses really like these goggles. They keep your glasses on tightly without a need for bands to keep them tight. They also do not pull the glasses off your face when removing the goggles, which can be extremely annoying. The anti-fog system works well except with some helmets which block the exhaust vent at the top of the goggles and cause some fogging issues. If you use a helmet, try to test these with the helmet first to check the fit. We also heard one reviewer say he had trouble with the rubber started to fall off after a handful of uses but from the other great reviews, we think that is an isolated incident.

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