Dragon Mace

Dragon Mace goggles are constructed from a Polyurethane frame and feature Dual polycarbonate toric lenses. The lens is optically correct, this means you won't be getting any visual distortion. Triple layer face foam with a fleece cover is extremely comfortable for long periods of wear. Dragon Mace goggles were designed to medium to large size faces (more info on this below) and are helmet compatible.

Skiers and snowboarders give the Dragon Mace high marks. One rider said they are the best goggles he has ever worn, he upgraded from a pair of Oakley Wisdoms. Another rider said he was so fed up with crappy goggles that he ordered five different pairs, including the Dragon Mace. He ended up with the Mace goggles because they fit his face best (he wears an XL helmet), the frame is very flexible and the visual quality of the lens is excellent. He tested these against Oakley, Anon and Electric goggles, so that is pretty high praise. The only complaint we have heard from someone is that these were a little large for his face, so you might want to be wary if you have a smaller sized face.

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Product NameMerchant NameRetail PriceSale Price
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Dragon APX Goggle Replacement LensSkis.com$85.00$39.96
Dragon APX Goggle Replacement LensSummitOnline.com$85.00$39.96
Scientific Anglers Floating Dragon TailWyomingFlyFishing.com$59.95$59.95
Dragon Riff Sunglasses White/Grey LensProBoardShop.com$64.95$64.95
Dragon Riff Sunglasses White/Grey LensThe House$64.95$64.95
Dragon Women's Rogue Snow GogglesREI.com$69.83$69.83
Snow Dragons Bailey Ski Bib (Toddler Girls')Peter Glenn Ski & Sports$80.00$69.99
Snow Dragons Girls' Half Pipe SuitMoosejaw$138.95$138.95
Dragon The Jam SunglassesAls.com$139.99$139.99

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  1. Comment by Matt

    Not impressed with these goggles; I bought them with the amber ionized lens thinking I’ll spend a bit more and get some goggles that last. How I was wrong, I bought them because they have a really comfortable fit on my face in the shop and was told they have a really good lens so I went for them.

    On the slopes by lunchtime on the first day I used them I noticed they had some spots on the lens which couldn’t be wiped off, they almost look like water marks on the lens. Turns out by the end of the week the lens was scattered so much with these spots it was easier to see without wearing them than with. The spots are where the ionized surface has simply come away and left a clear spot in the lens.

    Totally rubbish product. Never buying anything Dragon again.

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