Bolle X9 OTG

Bolle X9 OTG or over the glasses goggles are made to fix over your prescription glasses and are sized to fit medium to large faces. These goggles feature a double vented lens to keep your goggles and glasses fog free. There is also an additional P80 antifog coating on the inside lens to further prevent fogging. These goggles are sized to work with most helmets and come in a variety of lenses including a polarized edition. The only frame choice is shiny black but lens choices include citrus, polarized brown (pictured), vermillion and modulatory vermillion (called modulator vermillion by some retailers).

Skiers report that the Bolle X9 OTG are great for avoiding the fogging problems that plague so many skiers that wear glasses. One reviewer recommended using an anti-fog spray (cat crap brand was his recommendation) on your glasses if you still have problems with them. Glass vibration, another big problem, is also excellent with this pair of goggles. As long as your glasses aren't rubbing on the goggle lens, you should be fine. Some reviewers did report that these were too large for their faces but most OTG goggles will be pretty large, so that is not really a surprise.

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